Monday, June 16, 2008

Birds, chalk & basketball :)

The weather has finally started to acknowledge that it's springtime. Warming up at least enough to go out and play with just light jackets.

Yesterday we went out to fill the bird feeder. I swear we have got the hungriest birds in the neighborhood?! When we first put up the bird feed a few weeks ago, I swear to you- the birds started chirping and telling each other about it as we set it up!

Food! Food over here! Everyone come get it!!

The little kids have a blast watching the bird feeder from our front window (placed there for that exact reason! lol). They've finally learned not to beat on the glass or to run to the window shrieking that there are BIRDS!

In just a few short weeks we have went thru an entire LARGE bag full of bird food. Now I'm not accustomed to feeding the birds but this seems like an excessive amount to me? Are my local birds just pigs or am I naive on how much birds really eat? Regardless.... We went out yesterday to fill the bird feeder with the very last of our food- they're just gonna have to make it last til we get back from Disney . So. There!
(side note- I wrote this right before leaving for Disney.. Sadly we're back and I haven't bought new food.. Oops, my bad!)

While putting the bird food away, the little ones spied the sidewalk chalk..

"Write? Write?", they parroted like little birdies..

Sure why not? And so we wrote, colored and outlined our feet.

After a while, that got boring so we moved on to playing basketball. Ironically, although Spoiled Princess can reach to dunk it- Drool Prince is the better shot. Go figure :) Spoiled Princess kept trying to convince Drool Prince that he should shoot it in the other basket. You know? The high tall one? uhmm yeah, doesn't work when you're under 3ft tall! lol! Finally she decided that maybe she should help Drool Prince dunk the ball in the little hoop.

" I'll lift you up" she says. I dont think she realizes that he weighs almost as much as she does?! lol!

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