Wednesday, June 18, 2008


When you go to an amusement park covered in concrete and hot as hades, what shoe choices do you normally think of? Personally, I always want to wear sandals but then I think of all the walking , the water rides and the blisters and decide against them. So I go with the more sensible choice of sneakers- nice already worn in sneakers cuz I'm all about comfort!
Apparently some people just don't have the same thought process that I do. For example.. this lady :

Come on, honestly- WHAT was she thinking?? Sadly, the first thing I thought of upon seeing her prancing along click clack, click clack in front of us was OMG grab the camera and take a shot of THAT! lol!


  1. LOL That is to funny that the first thought you had was to take a picture of her feet. LOL
    Thanks for making me laugh.


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