Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hanging on by a sleep deprived thread..

A few of you have asked how things are going now that the Kingdom has grown by one more. It's been a little over a week since our new addition joined us and things have been going pretty well.
Sure I'm sleep deprived- the boy gets up every 2-3hrs to eat and has come to realize that it's just not as comfy to lay in a hard cold cradle as it is to have Mommy (or Daddy) hold you against her (his) warm chest.. Hmmm, which one would you choose? Yup, I thought so- warm soft ta-tas win out every time. Thankfully Daddy Chaos has been taking a turn on the weekends and letting me catch some much needed zzzzz's. It's been nice :) And when the reason you're getting up after just barely falling asleep is this itty bitty teeny tiny bug of a baby- well that makes it all worth it :) You can't help but pry your eyes open just a little bit more in case you just might catch a glimpse of his rarely seen eyes.

Life is good :) I'll write more later on how TPR went & what's going on so far with this case.. but right now that little itty bitty teeny tiny bug of a baby realized that he's in the swing & not Mommy's arms and so I will go grab him up and love on him.. After all, he's not even due yet so he can't possibly be spoiled yet right?! lol!


  1. Thinking about you and hoping that you are doing well with the lack of sleep.

  2. Ugh, I am tired for you! You must be superhuman. :) And no, it's definitely not possible to spoil him just yet - I like your reasoning, lol! xo


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