Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jump on the Termination Train

All aboard the termination train. All aboard ! All aboard! (maybe I watch just a little bit too much Disney channel? ). Drool Prince came into foster care (and our custody) at birth. With very sporadic visiting from his Birthmom, he regard her as a stranger. He has a bit better relationship with his birthfather but there's not really a bond there either. The boy is now over 2yrs old and we are the only family he's ever known. We are his psychological family.

The termination trial was not what I was expecting. I've read of friends who have spent DAYS in court and still keep getting continued because they're not able to get it finished up. I was told to expect an all day court- early lunch/stay late but the attorney was confident we could get it done in one day.. In reality we were done in just barely over THREE hours! It was a complete joke. Birthmom did not even show up until court was almost over (30mins prior if you want to be picky)- I have to assume that she only showed up at all because she was getting her goodbye visit with Drool Prince plus a visit with Baby Bug after court.

Regardless, it was very short and sweet.
The CW testified- overall case history & visits that she supervised

Casa (court appointed special advocate) testified- oddly enough she was asked about Birthmom & Birthdad's relationship.. This one gave me a giggle because I was absolutely sure she was going to say in court, under oath , the words "Booty Call". To my slight disappointed she just said sex, which still made me giggle inside a little b/c I couldn't say sex under oath sitting next to a judge with all these people looking at me.. Ok I could, but I'd turn bright red.

Visitation supervisor testifed- not really sure why she was even here, she was 1 of 2 supervisors that Birthmom went thru. She testified to the fact that birthmom was 'emotionally distraught' when DP went back into open heart surgery at 3mo. So distraught that she requested to leave the hospital immediately & never called to check on him (even though she had the room phone number) or see him again til he was over 1yo.

Lastly,I testified ~ my testimony was short and sweet. I got to talk about DP's special needs and the extra care that we must give him as well as his various hospitalizations.

Both birthparents decided not to testify on behalf of themselves. Birthdad said that he agreed with everything that had been testified to and so he didn't feel the need to get up there when he had nothing to add. Birthmom's attorney advised her NOT to testify -even though it's pretty rare in a termination trial for the birthparents not to testify- because she would only make it worse on herself. If she testified it'd be brought up that Little Bug was in care now due to drugs and that she refused 5-6 drug testing requests.. hmm, I wonder why that was?

That was it , termination was over with.. Now we sit and twiddle our thumbs while we await the judge's decision. DCS' attorney feels very confident that we had an open/shut case and there's no reason to worry. I tend to agree with him, but who knows for sure what the Judge thinks?! I'm ready to get this step over with and move onto Adoption!

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  1. I am glad to hear that it went better than you thought. We ended up not having a Termination Court date, becaue at the very last minute (a few days before) both Birth mom and Birth dad signed Parental Rights away. Birthmom was more open to signing because she had not seen Bug since he was 2 months old and he was now almost 19 months old. Birth dad on the other hand was more difficult. We agreed to meet with him and his own mother (Bug's Paternial Grandmother) and I think the meeting with them really helped. He signed the paper work the next day. But since then we have not heard from either of them.

    sorry to ramble on about me. I was very excited to hear about this and wanted to congrats you in my comments. DP is really lucky to have you as his parents, because I can tell you love him very much just from reading your posts, and how pationate you are about foster care.


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