Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tiny as a bug..

June 12th a good date in the our family history.

30+ yrs ago on June 12th ~ Daddy Chaos came into this world giving the doctor a piece of his mind about the delivery I'm sure.

4yrs ago on June 12th ~ I gave birth to a gorgous, adorable, precious little girl for some very dear friends of mine. It was a special memorable moment. Something I'm very proud of , I still can't believe she's 4 already!

2yrs ago on June 12th +1day (sorry can't be helped- it's still close enough to work right?)~ We officially -legally- added Spoiled Princess to our family. What a wonderful day!

This year on June 12th ~ Not only did we have termination trial for Drool Prince, we also got to meet his little brother (henceforth known as Baby Bug til I come up with a better nickname) and bring him home with us.

Maybe it's just me but the 12th of June seems to be a pretty lucky day for our family. Maybe I need to go change my powerball number?!

Yeah so I finished this post 10days later.. What can I say? Lack of sleep leaves me unmotivated!

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