Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hi ho.. Hi ho...

Well I've been a slacker major time over here lately. Most likely it's not going to improve til at least mid June, but hey at least I'm warning ya right?!

You see, we are leaving for D. I. S. N. E. Y in less than one week.. LESS Than a WEEK..
Spoiled Princess talks about it every day- every hour of the day- bordering on every minute of every hour of every day. She is Beyond excited.. She's all about seeing Mermaid (but not octopus b/c she's mean), Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and also buying a magic wand that will turn her into a mermaid while she's there..

Drool Prince wants to see Lumpy.. I'm sad for him. I dont think Lumpy is there.. Sure we'll spend lots of time with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and even Eeyore.. but I just don't think Lumpy the heffalump is there.. He will be devestated because to him- pooh just isn't enough anymore. Lumpy MUST be there. Hopefully we can get past that though :)

The big kids don't know we're going. You see we planned this trip wayyyyy back in December. Lots of junk has changed since then.. For one thing- the supoena for one.. We were planning on being gone for 2 full weeks PLUS 1 day.. Nice long relaxing vacay.. But then the whole TPR thing got scheduled and although the caseworker assured me all would be fine- I wouldn't be needed or if I was, they could just continue it to another date- that just didn't happen. So now we will only be gone for 1 week plus 2 days :( Sucks majorly. When we got that news we almost canceled the entire trip. In fact we did for a few days. Thus the big kids thinking we aren't going now.. We decided what the hell- we NEED to get away from all the crap and stress that is home life and we are going. We just decided not to tell the big kids about our change of heart.. The little ones are easy- if they say anything around the big kids we just nod and say yup, we're going next year.. because they have absolutely no concept of time.

Regardless it's going to be fun to suprize the big kids! We have it planned down to the airport. My dad is taking us and dropping us off (to save on parking fees plus he wants to tinker with my tahoe- determined that he can MAKE it get better gas mileage..).. So the seed has been planted that G'pa is flying to Flordia next week and we need to drop him off at the airport, plus he asked last nite if he could borrow one of our suitcases? lol.. We told the big kids that we'll go to Chicago and do the zoo/aquarium instead of Florida so I think they're pretty convinced.. for now..

So if you dont see me around, you'll know I'm either secretly stealing kids clothes from their closets and hiding them away in my suitcase.. or maybe packing airplane fun bags (in hiding).. or even obsessing over what we need to do each day.. I'll be Disney obsessed for the next few weeks..

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