Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Overheard on the baby monitor...

Doooper man!!

Dooper man! Dooper man ! Dooper man!

Doooper MOMMY!

(growling & evil voice that you can never understand what he's saying )

Dooper man. I dooper man!

Lumpy? Where Lumpy go?

Dooper puppy!

Oh NO! My puppy!!

- sigh, I guess he's awake huh?! lol! At least he's superman instead of a princess today right?! Picture to follow tomorrow- after all, we've gotta milk it for wordless weds right?!


  1. Is it bad that I giggled? Only because BigBrother has a Superman cape and I pictured him bouncing around doing this? HA!

  2. LOL! Well at least he was Superman instead of his normal proclamation " I a princess, Mommy!".. lol !:) I giggled just a bit too. I really wanted to call up G'ma so she could hear it!Silly boy!

  3. I love listening to what my boys "say" when I'm not around.


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