Friday, May 23, 2008

I finally got my first!!

Supoena that is.. Yes, a pretty -had to sign twice for- supoena.

Quite frankly I'm a bit miffed.. Yeah, I'm still twirked off that I have to come home 6days early from my vacation (ohh did I not mention that?? Yeah well DCS sucks) in order to testify in the TPR trial. Then after I promise I'll be home, even sending them a copy of our flight itinerary- I get this lovely -you must sign or else- supoena in the mail.. They like to jab you in the eyes like that..

It did give me a slight laugh b/c it clearly states that it MUST be returned by May 19th.. uhmm peoples, if you don't mail it out til May 19th, there is absolutely no way I can possible return it to you on said due date. Be happy with the 21st k?

Have you ever gotten a supoena? Not me. I don't really care for the wording.


Momma Chaos,

You are hereby commanded to appear in court , on
the same floor,same room you always go to regarding this matter- on the date
that you were supposed to be enjoying your husband and surrodaughter's birthday
together at DISNEY and be prepared to testify in the action entitled
Drool Prince, cause number blah blah blah on behalf of DCS who you loathe for
treating you like a piece of crap, and to return this supoena ASAP. Ps. Don't
forget to sign it.

Yeah fun times.. I even get a copy to put in my scrapbook! Yay!! Gotta love DCS , don't ya? First of all, I dont' really care for the wording.. Commanded? Who are you? God.. Sorry DCS, you might think you are, but uhmm nope-not last time I checked.. Ask me nicely and I just might sign it, k? Nextly, what really tickles me to no end is that they haven't bothered to tell me What pray tell, I'll be testifying about? Should I bring something with me? You would really think the attorney would at least meet with me before hand, but noooo. And lastly, why exactly am I the only one being supoena'd?? Why is Daddy Chaos not being supoena'd as well?? No one seems to know the answer to that.. I'm just lucky I guess!

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  1. I hated getting a supoena, hated having to go to court and give my full name so that the birth parents could track me down whenever they felt like it. Talk about stupidity! Good luck and sorry about your vacation being interrupted. That bites!


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