Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's official!

Starting in just a few days, we will no longer be a family of 6... Yup, we're adding one more :)

Drool Prince's new baby brother will be joining the family as our newest foster placement! He's currently in respite care since we are still vacationing down at Disney but once we get home we get to pick him up!! I'm beyond excited. I haven't heard any other details yet so we'll see what happens with everything. We also have termination for Drool Prince in a few days, so wish us luck there!

Other than that- it's H.O.T. in Florida right now.. We had a wonderful time last week b/c we got here before 'peak' and the parks were awesome -- HOT but awesome. No waiting in line for more than 10mins. Apparently it all changed this week as we got into 'peak season'. The parks were instantly filled & waits are now at least 45-70 mins for basically anything! BLAH! Thank goodness we got our fill last week , huh?! Remind me never to come back to FL in the summer, cuz did I mention it's HOT!? lol! I don't 'do' heat well so I'd rather sit in the resort room in the a/c than go out and smother! Lol! I guess we'll stick to our normal Oct/Nov timeframe from now on!

I'll have pictures to share when I get home and hopefully more news on our newest addition!

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  1. so how are things going with the new little one in your home??? Good I hope.


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