Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's like crack for toddlers..

What is it about the flickering flame of a candle that entices a 2yo beyond anything else? Just that gentle flicker of light is enough to make them ignore all commands of staying AWAY from the Table for goodness sakes!

Yes, Drool Prince is in love with candles. The only problem is that the minute he sees one, he Must. Blow. It. Out. Now!

So imagine his delight when he woke up this morning and came into the dining room only to see a pretty flickering light of joy on the table..

Him: I blow it? I blow it ,Mommy?
Me: No, you do not blow it. Leave it alone please. Stay Away from the table, k?
Him: okayyyyy Momma.

A few minutes later- it starts all over again.. He's climbed up on the chair and is blowing away to his hearts content!

Me: Drool Prince! What are you doing?
Him: I blow? Candle? Mommy?? I blow candle?
Me: No, sweetie.. Mommy wants it to keep burning. Get down and leave it alone.

We go thru this cycle over and over until finally it really is time to blow the candle out or I just give up and let him. Little does he know that this morning.. there's another candle burning in the kitchen for his blowing pleasure.. ohhhh the excitement!

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