Friday, November 6, 2015

Review - WaterWipes a natural, chemical free baby wipe!

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Whether you're a new mom or one who's been around the block a few times like me, one thing that is almost always on your shopping list is baby wipes. You simply can't have enough of those things!  From wiping bottoms to messy faces (and quite frankly everything in between!), baby wipes are simply a necessity if you are a parent!  

Something we always worry about is putting things to our delicate newborns skin.  We pre-wash everything in special mild baby detergent while sterilizing bottles and pacifiers.  I think most of us with a newborn would prefer to dunk our older kids in sanitizer if we could get away with it!  Clean and mild is what we want for those precious newborns and then we live and learn a bit and aren't quite so picky anymore.  Sterilize a bottle - pshaw, a simple washing with hot water will be just fine! lol!   

One thing I still worry about, even with 6 kids plus multiple other babies I've taken care of, is the chemicals in our baby wipes.  What is the point of the delicate baby detergent only to be wiping their bottoms, hands & faces with harsh chemicals in the wipes?  This is why I was excited to be able to try WaterWipes!   WaterWipes is a European brand (everyone say ooooh, ahhhhh!!) that is completely chemical free!  In fact, it only contains two ingredients - 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract !    This makes me happy for multiple reasons -

- How many of us have had to deal with diaper rashes?  That cringe when you have to wipe you poor baby's bottom and know it might sting?! No more-- no chemicals = gentle as can be ! 

- If you have a baby like Baby D, you'll know that 95% of the time anything within reach will go directly in their mouths! Not such a big worry when it's only water & a tiny bit of grapefruit seed extract!   A definite plus ! 

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical.  99.9% water? How is that going to do any of the zillion things that I do with baby wipes effectively?  But I tested these babies!  Let me say this is one of the sturdiest wipes I've found! There is absolutely nothing worse than being in the middle of a diaper explosion clean up only to have your wipe tear mid-wipe.  *shudder*   I stretched these wipes and was unsuccessful in making them tear - Woohoo!  They cleaned up everything just fine!     

All in all, I'm sold.  They clean great, they smell good, and they are perfect for sensitive skin!  The only con I can think of is the price ($4.99 @ my store) but price is reflected in the quality in what you buy!

A bit about WaterWipes : 

As I said above- 100% chemical free which means they don't contain preservatives.  Each package of wipes is good for up to 15months prior to opening. Once you open your wipes, it is recommended that you use the package within 1 month. If you are anything like me, that won't be a problem!

Unlike many other wipe brands, WaterWipes are not interfolded.  This allows for a sterile environment to be maintained within the package.  For the same reason, they recommend that you do not relocate your wipes into an alternative container.  Quite honestly, their container is perfectly suitable for the diaper bag  or changing table!

Ready to go try a pack of WaterWipes for yourself? I was able to find mine at my local Meijer.  Click here for a store locator !  Just a warning, I had to look closely for the WaterWipes at my local store. There was not a big display and they blended in fairly well with the other brands!   

If you do try them, I'd love to hear what you think !

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