Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The month of medical trips !

It has been a long few weeks!   4 trips to the Children's hospital (3hrs each way) in 4 weeks is enough to make anyone want a nap.   I want a nap just thinking about it!

Thankfully we are over halfway thru the month of trips!

First trip - Dimples had a sleep study.  ugh. Gotta love those things! There is nothing like sleeping on the hard pull out chair beside your child, all the while knowing that every movement and sound you make is being recorded. lol.  Plus the fact that if you are like me at all, you will constantly be waking up to check his CO2, O2 & pulse stats...   And now I sit and wait because I should have had the results last week but our dr was on vacation and so who knows when I will get the results. Most likely the end of the week - which is TOO long.. ugh.

Second trip - Fishing Pole had a pacemaker check up.  All looks good with his little chunk o'metal. Battery life is 7-8years which means if all goes well he will be in high school before it needs replaced!!!  We also did an echo to check heart function but I have yet to hear those results.

Third trip -  Fishing Pole gets to go back to get a baseline psych evaluation. Genetics decided it would be best for both boys to get one as they try to determine their cases since they are both pretty complicated.  I love the idea of using the Children's hospital for our psych stuff as I'm hoping they will be able to quickly confer with cardio when needed and make medication decisions easier.  Of course, I'm also hoping that they don't expect us down there frequently .  We shall see what expectations they have and we can decide if this is the best course of action for us.   Thankfully after almost  5months of waiting, insurance has finally approved FP's chromosome testing!  So he gets some bloodwork done while we're down there as well!

Fourth trip - Next week Dimples gets to go down for his baseline Psych appt.  The boys can't go together b/c Dimples has to go to the Autism side of the psych unit. Apparently the two sides can't co-mingle.  Go figure.

And that is our busy month of appointments.  In the midst of all this, Daddy Chaos has been remodeling like a fiend!  New laminate wood flooring in the main level of the house. I am in love! Zoey- not so much since she now slips and slides instead of runs and can no longer jump up onto the couch.  Oops.   I'll post pictures soon!  :)

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