Monday, October 19, 2015

#MeanMom tackles laziness

Another installment of Mean Mom Mondays !

Okay this one I need some help with.  I have not figured out the right punishment to fit the crime.

The Crime - Laziness

We all succumb to laziness from time to time; but my children seem to grab onto it, hold it tight, and wallow in it.  Today I have a prime example for you !   Lucky you !!

This is our main bathroom. Mind you, we have 4.  One downstairs that is primarily Attitude King's and I don't go down there if I don't have to.  If you have a teenaged boy, you understand!  One is upstairs which is mainly what the girls use for getting ready in the mornings or at bedtime.  One is my master bathroom which NO ONE but me is allowed to use- okay, I let Daddy Chaos use it, but under protest!  Lastly we have this bathroom (this is obviously not the entire bathroom but it's what counts for my point- which I will come to eventually) which is located just off the living room. This is the bathroom that sees the most traffic from all the kids. 

Now I would like to point out my attempts to deter laziness.  Do you see the cute toilet paper holder sitting there in the corner?   Now do you notice that it is completely full of toilet paper?   Slowly track your eyes to the left.  BOOM! There it is!  The empty toilet paper roll!!  WHY??

All except the smallest boys can sit on that toilet, use the end of the toilet paper , r e a c h over and grab a fresh roll to put on - all without getting up. So WHY is it empty?

Nothing peeves my pickle more than this type of laziness.   Now I admit I am a little neurotic on how the toilet paper goes onto the roll and I have been known to yell when it's on wrong.

The point here is - everyone knows the appropriate way to put toilet paper on the roll.  There have been drills, there have been tests.  It is knowledge that is ingrained into their tiny brains.

And they all know WHY we put the toilet paper on the correct way :

So we can't even use that as an excuse.   And so I must concede that it is just pure laziness on the part of my children that leaves me with an empty toilet paper roll  in this situation.  Now, of course, I changed it and put a full roll on ... but I'm half tempted to change it back before they get home just to see exactly how long it will take one of them to change it.

I'm pretty sure I need this little reminder and maybe , just maybe it will help?

What do you do to cure chronic laziness in your kids?

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