Friday, March 6, 2015

The one with killings..

We had a pretty good week or two with Fishing Pole.  Safety measures were put into place after the morning we all woke up to the house smelling like matches/smoke.  It was explained to him that we need to keep HIM and everyone else safe when he cannot make safe choices.  I think taking away the opportunity for bad choices actually makes him more comfortable.

Whether it's the choices being taken away, new meds, or what - something seemed to be helping the behavior and attitude.  He had some anxiety about state testing (ugh! Don't get me started!!) but was able to recognize that he was worried about it and talk to me about it (vs acting out, getting in trouble and making me play detective to figure out what was really bothering him).  This is real progress! Part of the new safety measures is that he must be on the same floor and within eyesight of an adult.  It seems to be working. He has been in a much better mood and very few behavior issues at all.  I even complimented him yesterday on how well he was doing and how proud we were on how many good choices he has been making lately.

And then this morning, he woke up in an ugly mood.  A mood where Every.Single.Thing is to cause a fight. He will argue over the fact that he is arguing.

I got the lovely "I hate YOU!" again.  ooh ahh..  But this time he followed up with "I want to kill you! I really want to kill you!"

Uhmm no, this is just a step too far.  Hate me all you want because I know the minute you get out of this mood, you'll be over it.  But killing someone? The kid looked dead serious.  If he had a gun, I'd be dead.   All because a 9yo woke up in a pissy mood and decided I was mean to him.

Naturally as is true Fishing Pole fashion, an hour later he's calm and fine as if nothing ever happened.  While I think part of this is normal boy stuff, part of me wonders and worries about what is going on inside his head.

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