Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today I was organized ... somewhat

Today I spent 3+ hours organizing my Kindle.

Yes, you read that correctly. ORGANIZING my KINDLE...  Apparently I am that  person.  My bookshelf used to be in alphabetical order, grouped by authors until I had kids.  Now my books are hiding in cupboards away from tearing hands.  No Touchy Momma's books!   

I seem to have this one-click problem.  Especially when I see a free book.  I simply cannot pass up free.  I tend also to be that person that will take a free item even if I have absolutely no use for it.  For instances, Sam's Club has these adorable vending machines where you scan your member card and get free samples.  Last week I scanned both my card & Dh's card in order to get free coffee creamer.  We do NOT drink coffee.    It's okay, I'll give it to my mom - if I remember.  FREE Stuff gets to me people.

This is why my Kindle (I have no idea why I feel I need to capitalize Kindle every time. I just do) had almost 200 unorganized books just floating around in there.  So I spent my day writing down all the books, then looking them up on Amazon to discover what Genre they were - it's amazing and slightly irritating that I couldn't always tell based on the cover- and then put them in the appropriate 'collection'.    By the time I was done, every book was in it's corresponding collection and I had a headache so I didn't get to actually read any of them.  :sigh:

And now as I sit here typing this - some old Godzilla remake from the 90's is playing on the TV and I keep catching glances of Matthew Broderick and am constantly confused as to why Inspector Gadget is being chased by dinosaurs...

This is my life.

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