Monday, November 17, 2014

Because I forgot ....

A while back, before it was super cold , Fishing Pole came home from school with his jacket zipped all the way up.  Now this is the same kid who today argued about wearing a jacket when it was actually SNOWING, so my Momma radar was on almost immediately.   He got home and went upstairs and immediately put his pajamas on 'because he wanted to be comfortable'.  Okay, something big is up. Wth?    Finally he says well, I might have gotten just a little bit of paint on my shirt in art today.

This.  THIS does not constitute a "little bit" in anyone's books.  I asked him why he wasn't wearing his art shirt - you know the hugely oversized paint shirt that we are required to send in at the beginning of the year in order to avoid getting paint on our SCHOOL CLOTHES?  He forgot.  Of course he did.  That seems to be happening a lot lately.

I received a letter home from school.  Strike that.  He hid a letter from school in his closet under various piles of dirty/clean clothes and shoes -- his sisters found it when I paid them to clean his room so that I didn't kill the kid if I did it myself.  I find one thing he's not supposed to have and just pay them to do it b/c after that every little thing that he's taken ticks off my pissed Momma box.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the letter.  This letter was written by him (with prompts) and I was supposed to sign it and send it back.

" I am sorry that I stood on the shelf and broke it.  I will not do it again."

Me:  Fishing Pole, why in the world were you standing on the shelf at school?
FP:  Well I forgot that I wasn't supposed to.
Me:  ..  ...  ... 

How in the world do you 'forget' something like that?   Apparently my kid is extra talented in the forgetting department :-)


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