Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween !

This year I am being a bad mom.  I did not bring up Halloween, Trick-or-Treating, or costumes to my kids to see if they would ask about it themselves.  They waited until TUESDAY to say "Hey, are we going to go trick-or-treating this year? What should we be?"    Uhm, nope guys - no trick-or-treating this year.  Actually they took it just fine.

I have several reasons beyond my own laziness for not participating this year.

1. Dimples does not do well with tons of strangers and around people all hyped up.  Last year our neighborhood had a small trick-or-treating day before Halloween just for our own neighborhood kids. He actually got a kick out of that because it was controlled.  The entire neighborhood kids got in a line and did a parade of sorts thru the neighborhood collecting candy.  There was order to it, clear rules not chaos - this is what Dimples likes.   This year, with Halloween being on a Friday, our neighborhood didn't do anything early.

2. I am not a creative one who can whip up a costume from our closets and go.  No, if my kids want to dress up that means buying 4 costumes and frankly, I'm not feeling that expenditure. #CheapSkate

3.  I don't give my kids a lot of candy.  I have 3 who have ADHD ,do you think they need more of a sugar rush?  Uhmm, no.  We end up tossing out the leftover Halloween candy around Easter and the leftover Easter candy around Halloween.  It's not worth it.

This year, we are going to stay in. I'm contemplating taking them to the movies because it's sure to be bare there tonight with all the other witches and goblins out raiding people for candy :)

Speaking of movies - I cannot wait for this one to come out! 

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