Thursday, October 30, 2014

My husband refuses to let me watch #Supernatural without him, hence this post

Over the course of  2(?) months, I have gotten thru Seasons 1-7 of Supernatural.  You might say that we are just a tiny bit addicted.  Nonetheless, I have learned several things during this sabbatical into the Supernatural world which I will now share with you.  Let me addiction encourage your own addiction...

    1. No matter how many times Dean or Sam die and go to Hell (or Purgatory, or Heaven) they will   always come back.  This was kind of a given since the show is about them.  Still, I think the writers must have a contest every season on how best to kill off one of our studs.

   2.  Bobby loves to say BALLS & Idjits like a lot.   I love Bobby.  When he died , I cried. Then he came back as a ghost and died again.  I think the writers were having a contest on how many times they could make the viewer cry over the same person.   I'm still not 100% he's not coming back some way or the other. I just started Season 8 people, there's still time! 

   3. Season 8- Dean is in league with a vampire?? What the hell happened in Purgatory and WHERE is CASS???

   4.  Season 10 *which just started for you non-viewers* teasers and commercials are KILLING me. I don't want to know what's going on 2 seasons from now, but on the other hand - I really really do!!

   5.  Watching an entire series on Netflix completely spoils you for regular tv watching.  No more commercials to fast forward thru (because we DVR all our shows to skip commercials), now there's just a moment of black screen and then moving on with the show.  We have still not perfected the art of fast forwarding thru commercials- either you come up too short and have to watch the tail end of some toilet paper commercial or you go too far and have to rewind while valiantly trying to not look at the screen so you don't get a spoiler. 

   6.  When you have watched 7 episodes in a row and they suddenly do a flashback to 4 years ago, you sit there yelling at the tv - No, Sam did NOT look like that four years ago. Come on! 

Sam Season 1
Sam Season 6

So as you see, I have learned many things while entertaining my obsession with Sam & Dean Winchester..  Least of which is the enormous amount of pins to be found on pinterest.  Enjoy a few of my favorites while I sit back and contemplate whether to slow my viewing down (on Season 8 now, Season 10 is live) so that I am not forced to wait an entire week per episode in the very very near future.  #HazardsOfSupernaturalAddiction ...

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