Saturday, September 27, 2014

TV Musings..

In a house with 4 little kids (sad that I can't really say 6 kids anymore since the oldest 2 are living away from home.. Damn college..), I rarely and I mean rarely watch live tv.  Sure I tune into HGTV and whatever is on we watch in the background chaos of the house.  I love me some Property Brothers but I don't often catch an entire episode.  Quite honestly, our tv is more often than not tuned to Disney channel, or watching Thomas or My Little Pony on Netflix...

The majority of the Adult tv shows (I typed shoes 10 times, considering I probably have the least amount of shoes of any woman I personally know, I have no clue why shoes kept coming out of my mouth fingers ...) are DVR'd so we can watch them sans commercials after the kiddos are in bed.  I thought I'd try a new idea of giving you my personal thoughts on the shows - because we all know that you are just dying to know what Momma thought...  Ha!  The entire first two paragraphs here are to forewarn you that any show I talk about is most likely several days old.  Regardless, SPOILERS will be happening..  So let's get to it :


Season Premier.

I love the entire cast of NCIS.  I am one of those that will sit and watch the marathon of older shows (at least in the background) if I find them on.  I can't really say a ton on this episode because they are all the same in that someone(s) gets killed, Gibbs & the crew save the day.  I was slightly perturbed that while hiding behind a long with the bad guys up behind rocks, Gibbs was easily able to get a shot and kill one of the bad guy shooters.. HELLO Bad Guys - you have a file on Gibbs, you know he's a sniper, why oh why would you put yourself in the position to be sniped?  Yes, sniped is a word.  The episode ends with Gibbs back in his basement starting a new boat which left me wondering- how in the hell does he get the finished boats out of his basement??  At first I thought maybe his basement is really a garage (house built on a hill, basement is downstairs - my parents had a house like that once) because we never really see the one wall ...  but then I recalled one episode where someone was hiding behind the water heater which is conveniently located on the mystery wall where garage doors should be.  So I'm left back with my initial query - how the hell does he get the finished boats out?  Anyone??


Season Premier.

The season finale left us hanging.  Corruption in the FBI ...  agents sent to kill Booth ... Booth arrested...  Breenan blackmails the prosecutor and gets Booth out of jail - woohoo! Everything is going well - the team is working to figure out this mystery ... Hodgins is in his element with conspiracy theory being the key ... and then it all goes south.  They FREAKIN KILLED Sweets.. WTF?  Come on Fox?  How the hell do you kill Sweets??  Kill off someone else.  Kill Cam (sorry Cam, I like you and all but I feel you are expendable right now), hell even kill off Daisy and baby Lance if you must but for the love of Pete do not kill off Sweets.  He's too... sweet...   I am not sure I can continue with this series.  9 seasons of love but you have cut me to the bone with this one.. :(


I have recently, after much prodding from a friend, begun watching Supernatural ...  I'm trying to play catch up via NetFlix - which quite honestly is the best way to watch a series because a) instant gratification - I can watch as many 'new' episodes as I want in a row!  b) INSTANT GRATIFICATION.   That said, I am only on Season 3 and I highly doubt there is any humanly way possible that I will be caught up in time to watch when the new season begins.  Still, I wanted to proclaim my love for the show.  Loud and Proud.   Team Dean all the way - although I do occasionally lean towards Team Sam, but once in a while he smiles in a certain way and I see The Joker and quickly shake my head to clear it and go back to Team Dean.

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