Friday, September 26, 2014

Age changes us all...

Isn't it funny how music can affect you?  It can cheer you up, make you sad, and in some cases bring out the Papa Bear..

A recent (in the last year because we all know I'm not hip and cool) song came on the radio a while back and I mentioned how I much I liked it.  I love the reggae-ness of it and the lyrics are fun.  Then I watched the video and decided I liked it even more.  The singer looks the part that I imagined in my head.


Yep, I'm that mom who loves Rude by Magic!.   Daddy Chaos, on the other hand, absolutely CANNOT stand this song.  The minute it comes on he gets grumpy and says he can't stand it.  It took a few times of it coming on ... me turning it up ... and him sending grumpy faces for me to get him to admit that it's not the music, it's not the reggae-ness, it is in fact the lyrics.   You see, he is now the Daddy of a daughter .  A daughter who is now at the age that he married me.  A daughter who now has a boyfriend.   Yeah, Daddy Chaos cannot stand this song simply because instead of listening to it and siding with the singer, he now sees himself as the Dad in the song.

When I saw this version on facebook I played it for Daddy Chaos and he immediately says he likes it so much more.

Isn't it funny how our views change as our lives change?

Ironically enough, the song did serve a purpose for us.  A few weeks back, College Girl (Drama Queen) was babysitting and had texted me that when we got home her boyfriend might have a question for us.   Daddy Chaos immediately said NO..  So I texted her back :

 Tough love, my friend, but the answer is no.

She got a giggle out of it after saying Oh God NO mom.. lol. :)   That's right.. 1month of college down, 8years left -- no need to have this conversation anytime soon! lol

Incidentally I still love the song :-)

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