Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The post without a smooth segue

September is getting away from me and I've been MIA yet again. 

This year, I've been helping at school in Dimples' class once a week.  Sometimes it's helping testing the kids on their facts (listen to 21 kids count to 120 and see if you don't see numbers swimming in your head!), and other times it's doing busy work.  Why yes, I can staple book orders and cut out laminated decorations.  You may not appreciate my cutting skills when I have to use scissors vs the paper cutter.. I may need to go back to Kindergarten to learn to cut straight.. LoL.   So far, helping out at school has went well, although Dimples now asks me if I am staying at school with him this day?

Between school, therapy (Dimples' has 3 therapies a week), and any other miscellaneous appointment that one of us may have we seem to always be on the go.  Gone are the days of sitting at home playing on the computer.

College Girl (Drama Queen) seems to be settling into school and enjoying it.  She called me the other day all excited about printing off Study Material.  Yes. I said STUDY MATERIAL.  It made me giggle that she is so excited about school. :)

College Boy (Attitude King) is struggling with getting up in the mornings. He has missed several morning classes because he is unable to get his butt out of bed.  :sigh:  Disadvantage to living in dorms and not having a parent or big sister to rip you out of your bed.  He has been sleeping a lot there lately- taking afternoon naps, oversleeping in the mornings.  It has been a big adjustment -staying up much later than normal for studying ect.. We are working to find a way to help him WAKE UP from far away.  It worries me somewhat due to his sleep apnea issues,  are they getting worse and is this the reason for his excessive sleepiness?

Fishing Pole is trying some new medication.  His ADHD is so not controlled.  He is constantly bouncing around in his seat, chewing on everything he can get his hands on (no books allowed in his room any longer due to some chewed up books), chronically humming (which incidentally drives Momma insane ) and always fidgeting with his hands or feet.  Sadly we had to take him off his sleep medication a month back due to his blood pressure being too low, so part of the behaviors he has recently started back up (not sleeping, getting into everything that he knows he shouldn't, inability to focus in class) I'm sure are in part to not getting good sleep.  Don't you just love complicated cases?  So we have upped the adhd meds to the max dose and crossing our fingers.  His psych is leary of trying a stimulant medication due to his heart issues but has agreed if the change in dosage doesn't help we may need to look at that option.  He also gave us a different medication to hopefully help with sleep - because it can also affect blood pressure, we are starting at 1/4 pill ...  which means I spent some time at the table last night cutting pills in half and then rotating them and cutting them into quarters..  Fun times.  You should all be so lucky !

IEPs- we are finally getting the school to work on IEP testing for Fishing Pole & Dimples.  Unfortunately the school psychologist wants documentation of all of the boys diagnoses. From each individual dr.  This could take some time...

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