Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Giant Catch-All Post in which I madly attempt to condense 3 months into one post...

O.M.G.   I haven't written a blog post here since MAY..

Yeah, so life got a little busy..  Let's play catch up in as condensed version as I can manage.  Wish me luck...

June -

School ended which meant many things.  We had to say goodbye to Dimples' kindergarten teacher.  She was one that went above and beyond and you could tell truly cared for the kids.  The big kids said goodbye to another high school..  Most importantly - Drama Queen graduated, which meant a PARTY!  Ahh!! I have a high school graduate.  I'm clearly not old enough for this yet !

The kid cannot keep her hands off the giant tummy! :)

July - 

All of July was pretty much a blur.  I'm sure that things happened but for me, I spent the entire time on bedrest getting bigger and bigger..  And then, of course,  THIS happened.

August - 

August was a rough month for me.  The twins had been born and I spent the next two weeks basically back on bedrest recovering from the blood loss.  The week after the twins came began the great Move Out adventure.

I talked over the winter of this big opportunity that Attitude King had but never really went into detail.  I'm not sure if I didn't want to jinx him or if I didn't want to admit that he was actually going to leave home two full years ahead of schedule.  I think probably the latter.  So the big 'reveal' is that Attitude King was accepted into a residential Academy for the gifted & talented.  So he had to move two hours away and now lives there sharing a room with a roommate.  It's on a college campus and while it has it's own classes, the kids are also able to take college courses if they wish.  The academy's classes are all advanced - college level. By the time he is done with his final two years of high school, he should be able to start college as a Sophomore or Junior due to the credits ect that he will get.  Big Stuff.    I will say that when the opportunity came up, I was NOT supportive.  Daddy Chaos was the one that took him for the initial meeting to see the school and find out more.  He was the one that pushed me out of my comfort zone and reminded me that if Attitude King wanted to do this, we should be supportive and that we can't hold him back simply because we aren't ready to let him go.   Damn Daddy Chaos and his logical mind. *sigh*

So the week after the twins were born,  it was time to move Attitude King (Henceforth known as College Boy) into his new 'home'.  I think I did amazingly well with all the hormones coursing through me.   I held off until the very end before I started the water works.  Go me !

A few days later- it was time to move Drama Queen (henceforth known as College Girl) into her dorms to start her great college adventure.  She was much easier for me to let go of.  We had went to her college 3-4 times for visits, we've been talking and planning this for what seems like forever.  She is 18 and graduated from high school- it's a natural progression of things.  I've had years to prepare for his moment.  So when we parted, it wasn't with tears but pride.. My girl is going to do great things!   So what if she moved half the house in with her..

This tub is filled and Daddy is following with another cart..ha!!

A few days later, I was reminded why I had an easier time letting go of Drama Queen vs Attitude King..  DQ texts me daily - sometimes something as silly as a picture of her mini fridge after she stocked it with snacks, or the view from her room the first morning she woke up.  She TALKS to me and communicates things so I am more comfortable having her away from home.  AK, on the other hand, never texts first. He only responds if I text him and then it is normally with a one word response. "Ok."   Typical male. Not the best for Momma though.  It is like pulling nails to get any real response from him and not being able to corner him in a room and see how he is really doing, it's been a rough transition.

A mere 2 days after moving Drama Queen to college, the littles started school!  I told you that August was a rough month!!

 The annual 1st-day-of-school-couch picture is getting smaller.  Instead of cramming all 6 kids on the couch together, I ended up having to order the Big Kids to send me selfies for their first day of school. *sigh*  There might have been tears making that request.

 This year- we have a 1st grader, 3rd grader, 4th grader, 5th grader, Junior in high school & Freshman in College !!   They grow up way too fast :-(

I think that has us pretty much caught up.   School has been going well for all of the kids so far.  I think all except Dimples is enjoying it :)   Dimples, well he never really cares for school and getting into a new routine will take a little while.

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