Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Poor Precious Baby *Insert sarcastic voice & eye roll*

Fishing Pole is home with me from school today.  His class is heading off to a field trip where there are lots of magnets involved..  I had called the place myself to ask them if there were certain exhibits that he should stay away from due to his pacemaker.   I was given the list which I promptly sent to his teacher.    In the end, it was decided that it was too big of a responsibility for the teacher to be in charge of this ( insert eye roll). 

It was all good and fine.  Dimples had a field trip to the zoo today (which I was going along on) and Fishing Pole as given permission to attend that field trip instead. This way he still got a fun day out..  Well naturally mother nature decided to piss all over those plans.  It's a rainy day & the zoo trip is postponed until next week. 

And so this is how Fishing Pole ended up home with me for the day - apparently dying from boredom.

I have promised him that we can go out to lunch- anywhere he wants.  Naturally that is met with "Well I know you'll say no to where I want to go."..  Hmm, what part of anywhere you want does he not understand..

Still he insists on being as negative as possible about everything. There has been one rule today-  No TV (movies, netflix ect).  Apparently I have just ruined his world because now he has absolutely nothing to do.   Nothing except sit on the couch, put on his best "I'm dying here" face and give big dramatic sighs.

I have offered several options.  Go play with your micro chargers!   How about coloring? You love to color..   Go draw me a picture or write a story.  How about blocks? Build something cool with blocks.   Each suggestion is met with an eye roll.

Finally I have threatened to go print off some math work for him to do if he doesn't get off this couch and GO PLAY..    For the love of  pete !! 

Signs you know your child has too much stuff and is a bit spoiled 101.

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