Monday, December 9, 2013

The week with no sleep

Life is crazy and with the transfer (surrogacy), Christmas, 2birthdays and a Disney trip all this month - I just don't see it getting any less crazy! lol!

We had a very busy week last week.  Dimples has been having some urology issues and so we went back to urology at the Big Hospital last Thursday.  It was an all day thing. First I ran to town A for my lining and bloodwork (surrogacy), then turned and headed 3hrs south to go to the Big Hospital appt.  Needless to say we were gone from 9am-9pm.  It was a long day.   Only to be repeated on Friday with all three boys going to pulmonary/sleep apnea dr at the Big Hospital. At least we got a good report on pulmonary- only one kiddos (Fishing Pole) has gotten worse on their asthma. The other two are looking a lot better! yay!

I'm tired.  Tired of driving and tired of eating out.  I bet you  never thought you'd hear me say that but honestly after eating out a few times in a row, I just want to be home and cook my own food. and SLEEP. 

The only advantage of going TWICE in one week to the Big Hospital is that we got to see their very BIG tree.

Saturday - quite honestly I can't even remember what we did on Saturday. I can tell you that we did NOT decorate our Christmas tree and let me tell you that Elfie the Elf (our Elf on a Shelf - new this year, thanks to Cowie) is NOT happy about our lack of decorating.

Exhibit #1 that Elfie is unhappy with us.  He decided to string the lights himself. Too bad it didn't work out quite the way he thought..  See, I'm partially decorated- I have the trees OUT. That has to count for something.. right? 

Exhibit #2 that Elfie is unhappy with us.  I moved the tree to the correct location but again that's all I got done.  :sigh:  Maybe he's really just unhappy that the kids named him ELFIE .  For the love of all that is Christmas, could they not have agreed on a better name. I guess it is better than DOM, which was one child's suggestion.  Sorry, I'm not combining 50Shades with my Christmas Elfie.. That's just wrong on soo many levels.

Sunday was a day that blessed me with a migraine.  On the day that we had a family Christmas party.. ugh.

So needless to say, Sunday night came not soon enough for anyone.  Anyone except Dimples.  When I told him it was bedtime, he immediately got a 'woe is me' look on his face and... well here's our conversation:

Dimples :  Momma, I so sick.
Me:  You are? You just have a sniffly nose.
Dimples: I cough alll day long.
Me: Oh my. I didn't hear you cough all day. 
Dimples:  I have fever !!
Me: Oh my, a cough and a fever.  Maybe we should stay home from school tomorrow, what do you think?
Dimples:   Yes. I soo sick.

And so it starts. In KINDERGARTEN.  My child is already perfecting the art of playing sick.  Note- He completely forgot about his deathly sickness this morning and off to school he went happily.  Ha.  He's so darn cute.

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