Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Catching up- November..

Holy Cow.  Here we are, the month is almost over and I have only posted here ONCE!

I could give you excuses and tell you that my intentions were good.. but we all know the sayings that go with both of those.   I will just blame the internet who has been horribly slow so by the time I get my "work" done (read - Review Blog post), I am so frustrated with my internet that I want to throw my keyboard across the room.

You've missed a ton so let me try to recap as quickly and painlessly as I can.

1.  Lots going on over at the surrogacy blog .. I've finally got that updated.

2.  We all know that Drama Queen is going to college next year.. We did lots of visits (read: 2, but it seems like much more considering it's 3hours away) and she has 100% chosen the college she wants to attend.  From the way things have been lately,  I think we'll be seeing a lot of her despite her distance from home.. You see, her college of choice is literally right next door to the Children's hospital (it's technically on the campus).  So every visit we make down there will also equal a SUPRISE !  Momma's here to visit!

3.  I don't think I've mentioned that Attitude King (15 & currently a sophomore) was invited to go view an academy in our state that sits on a college campus. I'm not going to say too much right now so I don't jinx him.. But he has 14 essays to write and everyone keep your fingers crossed that he gets in because this is an amazing opportunity for him!

4. Fishing Pole has been having some medical things crop up.  We have a slew of new appointments coming up in the coming months to try to figure things out for him. Some heart, some urology and some neurosurgery..

5.   I normally always talk about November being National Adoption month but somehow November slipped away from me.   My quick and to the point message this month-  Adopt from foster care !  We have so many children in foster care in the United States that need loving homes.  YOU can be the one to provide it!

Lastly and most importantly - 

Nov. 19th was the third anniversary of the Boys' adoption day.

I love them so much.. 
Even when they are being complete boogers.

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