Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The younger kids go to a pretty awesome elementary now that we have moved.  I seriously like it.  I like the people, I like the feel of it.  It's much 'friendlier' than our old school.

Side note- to understand the story I'm about to tell, you must have a little background.  Our school (and probably most) have instituted more and more security  measures in the past few years.  One new thing this year is that we must have a 'car pass' for those of us parents who deny our children the childhood joy of riding the bus.  So when I go to pick up the kids everyday after school, there is a line that you get in.  You hang this cute little pink car (with your name written REALLY BIG across it) on your rearview mirror and sit there until it's your turn.. The kids sit in the gym until they are called out by teachers b/c our car is getting near.  To make this all work, we have a teacher walk thru the line writing down the order of the cars.  This story is about one of those teachers.. He has long wavy hair- at least bra strap length down his back.  Some days it's back in a ponytail but most days lately, it's been waving free.  Normally when he walks past, I picture Fabio in my head and giggle.
Okay his hair is like this only with some wavy/curl to it.  

Okay, back to the our school rocks.  The PTO is always coming up with ways to help raise money.  Every Tuesday, if we order pizza from a certain place and mention our school's name- they will give the PTO 20% of the sales.   Pretty awesome, right?!    Occasionally, the PTO does something even better.. Like tonite.  Tonite was Culver's night.. Omg.  If you do not have a Culver's ( I believe it's just a midwest thing, if you live elsewhere, I am so sorry!) you are missing out.  I have a teeny tiny addiction.  I probably shouldn't admit this but I always order the kids meals.   Quite honestly, in our country I feel the portions at most restaurants are way oversized.. A kids meal at culver's comes with frozen custard as the "treat"!  O.M.G.  I won't even eat regular ole ice cream anymore..   So anyway, tonite was Culver's nite..  We already had supper planned but we decided to run out and grab some frozen custard and sponsor our school.. ha.. It's a good excuse anyway.

When we showed up, who was standing there holding the door for everyone but ponytail dude!  Immediately, the old song "Signs" by Tesla popped into my head.

*Warning -- apparently 'back in the day',  I only heard the clean version of this song.  Let me just say there is a LOT of f'bomb dropping that threw me for a complete loop.  Imagine me all irate yelling at the screen-- WHAT?? He doesn't say f'ing!   So now you are warned. *

I have been singing it all night now.. When I discovered it came out in 1990, good lordy did I feel old!  I mean geesh- my young friend Ms.Random was only like 6..  She was a baby.. ugh. I am feeling ancient right now.. lol!

*Ps.  yes I realize Tesla didn't originally come out with this song, but I grew up on their version.

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