Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am excellent at boredom.

Sitting in the hospital is sooo much fun.  Why yes, that was sarcasm.

Sigh.  Last week we finally got into to see neurology (been waiting since January).  They did a regular EEG and our dr took a quick peek and saw spikes in the rear of the brain (visual area) which could explain the vision loss spells Southen darlin' has been having for the past year. She was all set to start seizure meds ehen another dr read the eeg. They saw the spikes too but weren't sure of the frequency and so now we are doing an overnight video EEG.   We are 5hours into Southern Darlin's 20 hour EEG and I am bored to pieces..

I am not meant for sitting around stuck in a room.  Now I can laze around with the best of them if I want to but when I have to?  Bored to pieces!!   I would really suck at bedrest.  Ha.   Speaking of bedrest, I finally have a surrogacy blog up and running .  Click here to check it out!

Well back to being bored with this little girl for a while more.

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