Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

This week has been beyond crazy.   Yes, I realize that it's only Wednesday but I'm flippin exhausted!  Friday can't come soon enough.


 I spent 2 hours on the phone to various doctors trying to get refills on meds for kids who needed them (my pharmacy claims they sent requests yet got nothing back.. uh huh..), change meds for the kid (Dimple's) who's meds are helping him wonderfully during the day but giving him nightmares all nite long so No One is getting any sleep, get appts for 2 kids.  Basically I talked to my favorite nurse at the ped's office 3 separate times dealing with all this stuff..  She loves me, I'm fairly certain.  

My day was basically shot , I still had an appt at 2pm, kids to pick up at 4pm, a PTO meeting to skip because I didn't have the time to go to it (oops) and then had to haul my ass to the Ped's office (1hr each way) to grab the new med prescription for Dimples (which cannot be called in b/c of it's blue pad requirement).  

On the good side- Daddy Chaos made supper and it was delish!!

Tuesday -

Fishing Pole had an eye appt at the Children's Hospital.  Which meant a trip 3hrs each way plus the actual appt.  While I love traveling, I absolutely HATE driving long distances.  I much prefer someone go with me and drive so I can read, play on my phone, surf pinterest.. Anything!  I get way too bored driving myself.  I'm needy like that I guess!    Good news is that eye appt went well- no changes!  Yay!

Drama Queen made supper for us.  Score!  2 great suppers in a row and I didn't have to cook either of them!

Weds- (today)

Since I am pretty  much exhausted from yesterday's lengthy trip, I informed Daddy Chaos that I was going to take the kids to school and then come home and take a long nap.  I would not be available to play the good little wife routine and make his lunch because I planned on sleeping the day away and maybe reading.

Funny thing- by the time I get the kids up & ready for school.. drop them off at school & get back home - I'm freakin wide awake.  What is this shit?  Drives me insane!     I should be reading one of the many many books I have to review coming up but my brain is bouncing around in a million directions right now and I can't focus.  ADD much? lol!

Another dr appt (locally) later today for Fishing Pole.

A therapy appt (locally) tomorrow.

Friday means another long trip to the Children's hospital.  In which I may or may not be also taking Drama Queen along so we can tour her chosen college which happens to be literally next door to the Children's Hospital.   2 birds / 1 stone !

I'm tired just typing this week.  Thankfully - next week?  It's empty! yay!  

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