Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pillow Supremeness - also see: things I need immediately!

As usual I'm here to bitch and moan..  This cold is kicking my butt!  Remember when I said having a sore throat is the worst thing in the world??  I still agree with that, thank goodness it's gone.. Now I'm left with that chronically stuffy nose that you are SURE needs blown only to blow and nothing comes out.  FRUSTRATION!

So earlier this afternoon, I laid on my bed with my pillow over my face ...

*Brief pause to show you this :

I was looking for a picture of a pillow over a face for this post and while I couldn't find a single one that didn't involve murder (oops), I did stumble upon this lovely Ostrich pillow.. Quick- someone buy it for me, I neeeeed it.


So anyway, I'm laying in bed with the pillow mostly over my face (not over my nose b/c hello, it's already stuffy!) hoping to relieve the sinus headache I had..  Spoiled Princess comes in and realizes I don't feel good.

Being the naturally sweet and thoughtful child that she is, she immediately went right outside my bedroom door to YELL at her brother to be quiet because Mommy really doesn't feel good.  Then she went to the bathroom (also directly outside my bedroom) and stood in the doorway blowing her non-blowable nose as loudly as possible, only to pause halfway thru for a moment and say "Ewww, gross" before resuming blowing.  

I pretty  much gave up laying down after that.

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