Monday, August 26, 2013

Is it Whiskey or Bourbon for a sore throat?

Do you know how you can tell that the school season is officially under way?   It's very easy, really..

The first bout of colds.   Ick.   All those germs festering in the schools.  Kids don't wash their hands well.

Barely 2 weeks into school and we have already been struck by the cootie bugs.

First it was Spoiled Princess -- her throat hurt.  Now her head AND her throat hurts.

Then it was Southern Darlin--  she is sure she is sick but can't possibly tell me what hurts.  I went thru her entire body and list of symptoms and the only thing she could agree to was that she was tired (what else is new?).. But still she insists that something is off and she must be sick.

Next it was Fishing Pole -- who woke up and declared his throat was sore, he can't talk and therefore he should stay home from school because there is no way he can answer the teacher if he is called upon.  

Good try kiddo.

Finally there is me-  I have caught their sore throat.  Nothing , to me, is worse than a sore throat.  I would rather have pretty much any other symptom. It just drives me crazy.

No one is happy when I tell them that there really isn't a good med. for sore throats. :(

At least Dimples has survived it so far.  Or he just hasn't told me that he feels like poop- which is probably the more true option.

I guess we will have a class on handwashing today.. lol.

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