Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Quiet is smothering...

Sorry to leave everyone hanging from the last post.   At this point, due to some legal hangups, things are not 100% definite.. So I can't spill my guts yet..  In the meantime, rather than leave you completely hanging (and yes, to tease you just a little bit longer)...I will say that -

1.) No adoption  is pending
2.) No foreign exchange student is coming.

Good guesses but my house is full enough for once ! :)

Onto other news..  School has been in session for about 2 wks now.  Amazingly everything is going better than expected!

 It's hard to believe this is Drama Queen's last year here at home.. Next year she'll be off at college somewhere and things will be just a little be emptier.   Attitude King seems to be enjoying his classes- he's pretty close mouthed right now about it.  I figure he's waiting to see how they turn out. It's hard to decide if you like a class based on 2 wks. lol.  

Both little girls like their teachers and classes!  Spoiled Princess has been having a lot of headaches (she has a history of anxiety & migraines) , so I'm not sure if it's stress or something else.  Southern Darlin' has reported to falling asleep in class (joy!) and has decided herself that she should take a nap after homework each nite. lol.

The little boys were my biggest worry but so far it seems okay.  Fishing Pole has made a friend!!!  That's beyond amazing!  His one friend from last year is in another class but he has made a new one "R"!  I'm beyond thrilled for him.  So far, no notes or phone calls from school about behavior.  YAY!   Dimples- is doing okay.  His teacher reports that he's very very quiet (I can't imagine) and from what we've told her about him, she wonders if it's just the honeymoon period or he's scared to death. lol.  He comes home and cries at nite that he doesn't want to go back.  We've recently started meds for ADHD and he's becoming a bit more paranoid... Still working on the right med dosage & also working with him to talk to his teacher when things are bothering him (ie. kids talking to him, looking at him, laughing near him. ).   We are getting into a routine and I am hoping that he'll settle in.  Breaks my heart.

As for me- my first year in almost 18yrs without any kid at home with me ALL DAY LONG.  So far I've kept busy running around with friends and basically staying away from the oh-so-quiet house.  I think I've adjusted okay and am going to :gasp: stay at home this week.   I need a new routine to fill my day that doesn't include kids.   It's weird, that's for sure!

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