Sunday, July 21, 2013

Captain America is a wimp.

Here at the new house (yes, I know.. I never really posted pics.. I suck.. ) we have not 1 , not 2 but FOUR bathrooms.   It is one of the many things I love about this place.  Not having to stand in line or fight over who's first to go to the bathroom.. As a Momma with a very overactive bladder and 6 kids in the house, this was at very top of my must haves when we looked at a new house.  

Now I only have to deal with financing toilet paper for all these bathrooms..  You would think that the same number of  butts, just more places to sit them would mean the same amount of toilet paper.  Uhmm, no.  I think the freedom of having an empty bathroom at most times makes everyone just want to go more.  Soak up the freedom people!  So if anyone wants to send me some TP in the future, feel free! lol

One thing that amuses me to no end is this little Captain America squinkie.

For reasons unknown to me, he has planted himself on the floor directly in front of the toilet in the basement. We use this one alot because the basement is not only where my computer (aka 'office') is but the kids playroom & the Xbox that a certain 15yo boy lives on. 

Somehow Captain America has stayed in this same spot for going on 4 months.  I'm not really sure if no one else noticed him or if he keeps returning to said spot after a kid claims him for the day.  Regardless, it's a little awkward going pee with CA staring at you.  

And then, one day when that bathroom had been used a bit more than normal and the exhaust fan was about to break from it's workout (if ya know what I mean).. I walked in to find this : 

Yes, poor Captain America was passed out face down from the fumes...  It's a sad day when Captain America can't handle the stench of my kids.  At least he doesn't have to wipe half their butts.  He needs to grow some...   Or maybe I need a better air freshener..  Either way, something isn't right.

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