Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Vacation here and gone..

Can you believe summer is almost over already?  We've been busy and I've been neglecting you.. Don't worry, once school starts you won't be able to get rid of me.  You'll be begging me to quit writing and leave you alone already!  We start back to school in 25 days...  Eek!  I'm not sure I'm ready yet...

Dimples will be going to kindergarten (full day) this year.  With no extra help.   Apparently he did pretty darn well towards the end of preschool (yay!) and they decided that other than speech, he was good to go.   Now that's all good and great, if I believed it.   The boy can hold it together for the 2 hours he was at preschool.  Now 8 hours of regular school ?  HA..  At his 5yr old appt, I mentioned to his pediatrician (a man I love completely) and he asked how I felt about it.. When I laughed, he nodded and agreed-  It won't take them long to realize he needs help in place - was his comment.

My mom sent me this on FB -- YES this is Dimples 100%.. lol.  Not only am I worried about how he's going to do in class, but lunch.  The boy doesn't eat and when he does it is normally at a snails pace.  This is at home, at the table where no one looks at him or talks (he will scream).. So I'm wondering how lunch is going to work in a crowded cafeteria where he has to choose his own food, carry his own tray and be expected to eat within 20 mins.   Yeah, I have worries.

On the other hand,  Fishing Pole did some summer school time this year for his reading.  He made such a vast improvement!  It was amazing!  He did wonderful during summer school- I'm not really sure if it's the smaller class (8kids vs 22 kids), meds helping, or if it's just due to him being in a better frame of mind.  Regardless, it was nice for him to not get in trouble for behaviour and actually get to earn prizes for GOOD behaviour!!   Woohoo Fishing Pole!!

The other kids, I'm not worried about.  Spoiled Princess really likes school and does really well.   Southern Darlin' has lots of help in place and is finally learning how to make friends.   Attitude King is excited about the opportunities this high school offers compared to our old one.  He's taking Latin this year.  I can speak pig latin, does that count?    Lastly, Drama Queen will be entering her senior year.  The past few months have been all about college hunting, senior trip planning and basically being reminded on a weekly basis that she's  "outta here" in a year.

Life moves too fast sometimes...

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