Thursday, June 6, 2013

Momma Chaos 0 , Blogger 4

Apparently Blogger hates me.

Not just dislikes me in a casual avoiding kind of way.

No, it actually full out hates my guts and wishes I was dead.

Why do I know this?  

Because Blogger has made it it's personal goal to make me look stupid.

Several times I have scheduled posts of reviews & giveaways ...

Several times I have had the sponsor ask me if I ever got that post up.    Immediately I'm all YES! Of course I did!  I always do what I'm asked to do and on time!

And then I go check..  Only to find that it has reverted back to a draft and never posted.


Seee????   Blogger hates me.

Now that you know, be prepared for the next few days being full of reviews and other misc posts that blogger decided it needed to hold onto longer than it should have.

Just so it's clear.   This is WAR.

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