Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As I'm driving down to spend the day with my bestie, some of the stupidest things running through my head..

For example..

If we went by Smurf names, who would everybody in the family be?

Daddy Chaos is easy .. Papa Smurf

Drama queen, Southern Darlin, and Spoiled Princess are likewise as easy since there's only one female in the Smurfs they would be.. Smurfette #1, Smurfette #2 and Smurfette # 3.

Attitude King would definitely be Brainy Smurf.

Fishing Pole would unfortunately be Grumpy Smurf.

Dimples would , of course, be Baby Smurf.

But that still leaves me. There's no mama in the smurfs... I guess I'm a grumpy day I can be Gargumel...

Oh the things that go thru my head.. lol

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