Sunday, September 16, 2012

This and that

I love pinterest.

Not only do I find the perfect way that I will never have the money or time to decorate and remodel my house, but I can plan my nieces weddings should they ever decide to get married and  learn all kinds of new cleaning/organizing tips that I'll never use b/c I don't do that stuff.  And the crafts.. Oh the crafts that I find.  I love them but I'm not really a very crafty person, so I pin them and dream about them and then move on to something else. lol.

Today, however, was a different day.  Today I pinned something and then actually used the idea !

Breakfast Burritos.  You are welcome.  I actually made an entire menu with at least one item per day based off of my Food pins.   But back to the breakfast burritos..  The recipe made 22 burritos for me and I had everyone taste a tiny bit-  rave reviews all around.. Except for Dimples who politely told me " No, thank you" when offered a bite.. lmao.  I have no clue where he heard that bc the rest aren't that polite.. lol!    Regardless, I now have a quick warm breakfast in the freezer- completely homemade- for the kids.  This is awesome because let's face it, Momma ain't a morning person!

I feel all Sally Homemaker tonite..   Made ahead breakfast, several reviews scheduled at the review blog, I'm just ON it today!

*side note- if you haven't been over there lately, I suggest you go check out the review blog for some awesome reviews & lots of contests/giveaways for books.. Yay! I also updated the giveaway link at the top of this page.. Cuz I like you.

**side note squared-  if you aren't following me on pinterest.. Why not??

***side note tres -  No puppy yet- which is why you haven't been bombarded with pictures of my wittle bitty baby.  She was supposed to come home this weekend but got sick, so waiting on that to get over with.. Good news- her name is ZOEY & she is now 1lb 11.5oz .. lol. Like I said- itty bitty.

****side note, again-  In case you haven't noticed, I decided to just completely ignore the fact that I haven't posted in weeks and rather than give you excuses I'll just go on and pretend it never happened.  You are most certainly welcome !



  1. Pinning is addicting! Too bad I procrastinate too much, I'm never going to make the slowcooker lasagna. I loved your post!

  2. I'm trying the breakfast burritos this morning... I hope it's good because I'm doubling the recipe. The thought of freezing eggs is kind of odd to me, but I'll try it. Thanks :)

  3. Beautiful Chaos-- Let me know what you think? My kiddos have been scarfing them down like crazy.. I think I should have tripled the batch.. lol! I also wondered at freezing eggs but they taste great :)


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