Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faulty Scales

So last nite, Daddy Chaos comes out of the bathroom after a shower and declares the scales are broken.

I try to claim that all the time when I gain a pound or eat nothing for an entire week (okay, slight exaggeration) and lose nothing.  No one ever believes me so I was happy to pounce on it and destroy his bubble. 

"Did you gain or lose?"  I quickly asked.

Drama Queen and I raced to the bathroom to see who could get there first and take advantage of this scale that was now mysteriously declaring lower numbers.  Naturally I beat her, who cares if it's because she got shoved at the last minute.. That's beside the point.

I stepped onto the scales and it revealed ---  okay I'm not really telling you the number but we'll just say it's the same number I've seen for the past 2wks so nothing changed.

I walked back out and declared the scales correct and not falsely advertising mystery weight loss and then promptly asked Daddy Chaos how much he had lost.

14 lbs but I'm not sure where it went, he said as he rubbed his tummy.

I promptly hit him over the head with a skillet like he was Flynn Ryder.. 

I mean really?? WTH?  Who just misplaces 14lbs with no effort?  Sometimes I can't stand that man.. lol. It's good for him that I love him so much bc this crap is not to be stood for.  Geesh.


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  1. Lol! Flynn Rider, huh? Where's the line to smack him start?


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