Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's in a name:?

It's been a long summer full of surgeries and recoveries.. We are still in recovery for Attitude King (adenoids & imtc - nose cauterizing to make the airway larger).  Dimples has a sinus infection which means he cries when he should be sleeping & also has been constantly clearing his throat for the past few weeks which is quite frankly driving me insane..  It pretty much makes me feel stabby which is why I haven't been here talking about it.. lol.

So I've neglected you guys for a while because when you have nothing good or exciting to say, what's the point in talking? 

School starts in a week and I'm hoping that we can put the long summer behind us and get back to life :)

For today, I need your help.  I need you to give me name ideas for our newest family member.

Our sweet princess
 Meet our new Shorkie puppy (shih tzu/ yorkie).   Technically we don't have her yet and have a full month til she's old enough to come home but that doesn't stop me from making list after list of names and driving Daddy Chaos completely insane asking him if he likes this name or that one? lol.

So throw out some ideas..
For extra help- she's a girl (obviously), she should mature around 6lbs, she's all black with a tiny patch of white under her chin.. Yorkies originate in England & Shih Tzu's were royal dogs in China. 

Our Lab is named Kida (from the cartoon Atlantis), our cat is Isabella /Izzy (named b/c if I had another girl I would have named her Isabella), a previous cat was Leloo (named from movie 5th Element).   I like all kinds of names.. I'm just having a hard time finding the PERFECT one..

So come up with some names for me.. I may or may not pick from here, I just need lots of ideas!! If  I do choose your name, I'll send you a little something :)

Names we have come up with so far :
Ellie Mae
Baby Girl
Princess / Duchess Mu Shu
Jasmine /Jazzy

Give it your best shot!! I have a month til I pick her up but the name is driving me crazy :)


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  1. I like the Princess idea as you are in the Kingdom of Chaos, and this will be the littlest chaotic member...

    So Jasmine would work, or Belle or any of the princess names, but she is such a BABEEEE!! As in Baby!

    Or Lil bit or Teensy weensy, Teeny Tiny...

    Or Chark as in Charcoal?


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