Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life is too short.

I have struggled all day with what to say..

Sometimes in life, you are thrust outside of your normal comfort zone and are forced to find a new safe spot.   Life with a special needs child can be like that.  Many of your old friends just don't understand what it's like , not that they don't try, but it's hard to imagine what you haven't felt yourself.

In those cases, sometimes you are lucky to meet a group with other children like yours that becomes like a second family.

I have been blessed with that group.  My HeartBlockKids group is beyond wonderful.  My fellow heartmoms are like sisters to me. We love each other's children like nieces and nephews.. It's so nice to have this group to go to and they "get" it when you are crazy paranoid because your kid is sleeping an extra hour.   We share each other's joys and pains.

Today was one of the hardest days in our little group.  A heart sister lost her 1month old little girl this morning.  Little Aliyana was such a fighter and spent her short month of life in the hospital fighting one set back after another.  She finally had her pacemaker implanted and her parents were planning on bringing her home.  Another setback robbed them of that and Aliyana was called home to God.

I have sat all day in saddness and tears.  I cannot imagine what my heart sister, Tara, is going thru.

Aliyana's grandmother believes that the more prayers for the departed, the quicker they get to Heaven.  I ask that you take a moment and please pray for Ali and for her mom Tara..

Please take a moment to hug your children extra close and remember what a blessing they are to have with you.


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