Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The last of 3..

Tonite, the last of my 3 boys will get a sleep study.. Fishing Pole has done it twice, Dimples- more times than I care to count, and now Attitude King gets his turn. 

Naturally being the oldest of the boys at 14, he is by far the whiniest about the situation.  Looking at pictures of his younger brothers all mummy wrapped with wires everywhere has him declaring that he probably won't sleep all night unless they drug him.    The older they get, the more they whine.. lol.

I can only imagine the whining I'll hear if he is dx with sleep apnea and prescribed a cpap machine.. Ohh the fun.   The only thing worse than spending another nite at the hospital (I am soo burnt out on hospital sleeping) to me is spending the nite sleeping right next to Attitude King who's snoring can be heard several rooms away. 

I think I'm going to go scrounge up some ear plugs.  Wish us luck!


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