Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fishing Pole likes rare ~ pt 3

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June 4th- Fishing Pole had his little boy bits surgically rearranged..  Dr Weinie , whom I like very much!,  went ahead and added a few more things while he was in there so the boy had 5 things fixed.

1. The accessory urethra was not removed completely.. It went well beyond the pubic bone so they removed it to there and then cauterized the crap out of it & left the remainder saying he shouldn't have any problems with it like that.  Apparently, had Dr Weinie felt it needed to come out completely, he would have had to break Fishing Pole's pubic bone in order to get to it.. So yeah, I'm happy he stopped where he did.

2. There was some significant curvature ( peeing in his own eye.. lol), some was fixed once the extra urethra was removed but not enough so there was some straightening which involved stitches pulling it down and by now I was sitting there with my fingers in my ears saying "La, la , la la"   ok, not really but I wanted to be..  Dr Weinie is very graphic and detailed in his explanations.. The only good thing is I can repeat the story to any male alive and have him cringing within moments.. lol.

3. The end of the hose didn't have quite a big enough opening, so Dr Weinie then decided to split the tip and sew it partway back up..  Ouch.

4. Remember the odd little thing at the opening of the bladder?  They decided to stick a camera up his urethra to investigate it.. Apparently he had a bunch of partial valves which they burned off..

5. Now that all the surgical stuff was done, he went ahead and re-circumcized the boy to fix the botched job from when he was itty bitty.   I don't even want to give real details on the surgeries b/c I just ate and my stomach is already rolling a tad just writing what I have.. lol.

Needless to say, there were A LOT of internal stitches.  Joy oh joy, due to the pacemaker and interference w/ the good type of cauterizing , Dr Weinie had to go old school which causes more pain & more swelling..  Sorry dude..  He also didn't get to have an epidural  (which is what they normally do for these types of surgeries) due to the spinal abnormalities on the CT & we hadn't seen the neurosurgeon yet.  Which meant he instead got some morphine in the hospital and was sent home with some heavy duty Vicodin (in liquid form).. The surgery was outpatient.   FUN.

He spent a few days in a little bit of pain and a week or two where it hurt to pee.. The only good we got out of it was that he actually felt when he had to pee b/c it hurt.. Unfortunately once the pain went away so did the feeling and we were back to wet pull ups.

June 12, we went to see the neurosurgeon.. She agreed that it could be tethered cord and recommended surgery.  Things didn't look as bad on the CT as we were previously led to believe but she still felt that surgery would help.   We were sent home with a surgery packet and told to think it over and get back with them.

We waited a little while because at the time of the appt, he was still having pain with urination and able to feel it so we were hoping that would last.  Fishing Pole is finally at the age where he's embarrassed about wearing pull ups. He does NOT want to go to 1st grade still wearing them but at this point they are a necessity.

This week, I finally pulled up my big girl panties and called to make an appt for spine surgery.  The earliest appt wasn't until Aug. 6 which is mighty close to school starting but we took it anyway.

Imagine my surprise to get a phone call the next day to be told that there was a cancellation on the schedule due to an all day surgery patient getting MRSA  (poor thing!!) could we make it for surgery on Friday?   This Friday?  Yes.   okay.. 

 And that is how you find me completely stressed and running around trying to figure out what I need to pack for this 4day hospital stay to keep both Fishing Pole & myself entertained..  Trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the kids so Daddy Chaos can be there as well.  Trying desperately not to think about the upcoming surgery in which the surgeon will cut into my kid's spine..  I've done heart surgery after heart surgery but flip him over and work on the back makes  me worry with all kinds of new worries..   I know things will be fine and I pray this helps him and isn't for nothing.

Think of us tomorrow.. We'll need your prayers. 

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