Saturday, June 16, 2012

Giveaway Alert!!! - Terminally Human

Hey guys :)  It's been a while since I've done a book review and giveaway. Life has been beyond crazy- and don't worry I'll tell you all about it soon. 

For now, let's get to the fun stuff --  Free books! Yay!

The Book : 

 Front Cover

Walter Conrad's comfortable life as CEO and owner of a local snack food empire is now a curse.  His former world of greed, glut and materialism drives him to exist on the barren fringe of his psychological landscape.  He discovers the uncomfortable truth that life can be far more unforgiving and cruel than even his prior self.
If Walter cannot survive this way, he does not deserve to survive at all-  His day-to-day survival depends on finding the value in his deep personal pain.

My Take:

 As Reinder's first novel, it's a smashing success!  I say it over and over again but I'm always a little hesitant with new authors.. They sometimes need to find their footing and the first published novels aren't the best.  With Terminally Human, I didn't see that at all.  The author captures your attention almost immediately with a character that you can love and hate at the same time.  Walter is a greedy, selfish man who even when trying to do things to change his life, would rather appear a jerk rather than open himself to his family.  Upon losing his family, he goes to the complete opposite extreme by becoming a homeless person. Ultimately becoming a selfless, secluded being, quite the opposite of what he started as.   I was very taken with the depth of character and the roller coaster ride that Walter takes us on in his stories and life.

The Free Stuff:

Jason has graciously agreed to offer up a giveaway of two print books !

Rules :
Enter below in the rafflecopter widget.  It's easy peasy!   The giveaway will be running until July 8th.  Tell your friends :)

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I think that most all my readers would enjoy the journey this book offers, so if you don't win it or just can't wait - go buy it !! Good luck everyone!


  1. hmm I love all! Seriously I do but favorite dystopia, PNR, and urban fantasy

  2. I'm all about paranormal, or urban fantasy

  3. All book genres have something going for them. However, I would say that I like fantasy novels the best.


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