Friday, June 29, 2012

Sometimes a Fart just isn't safe..

**Warning- Definitely a TMI post **

Fishing Pole tends to have issues with constipation.. Ok, all my younger 4 do.  The GI drs once told us that it's common in drug exposed kiddos, something about the drugs can mess with the motility. 

Anyway, he's on miralax daily but still has a little bit of issue from time to time.  So with the surgery coming up, I decided that I should go ahead and up the dose a bit to help clean him out.  I knew with back surgery, pain meds ect he would probably be having issues going..

Thursday morning, I gave him  full capful instead of his normal 1/2cap. 

This morning, I got him up and told him to go potty before getting dressed to head to the hospital for surgery.  I reminded him to lift the seat, poke it down, change your pull up when you're done..  All the things I normally remind him up.

Apparently I didn't give him enough warnings.

I came back into the bathroom to see him standing there with this bewildered look upon his face.

" I farted and poop came out, Mom"

I can safely say that with 6 kids under my belt, I have never walked into a bathroom to find a kid half naked standing there with a pile of poop at his feet.  I burst out laughing hysterically..  Probably not the best response but the look was just priceless.

Apparently farts just aren't safe when a larger dose of miralax is given..


We are several hours behind schedule due to the surgery prior to us going long, but Fishing Pole is in surgery now and reportedly doing well.   He trooped off with the nurse walking beside him, Lumpy & Puppy safely tucked under his arms, into the OR..  At 6yrs old, he's an old pro at surgery.  This makes #9 after all.   We'll be hitting double digits next month with his tonsillectomy.  

I'll update when he's out and we have a room.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


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