Thursday, May 24, 2012

PROM 2012

PROM (always said in capitals!) is a big moment in every girl's life.

The glamour!!

The excitement !

Unless, of course, you didn't go to prom because your husband (then boyfriend) is a big doo doo head. Why no, I don't hold grudges.. lol. It's only been 17yrs since my senior non-prom but who's counting, right?

 So when Drama Queen (a sophomore) wanted to go to prom with a girlfriend (a senior) that didn't have a date, I said sure !  In my head, I figured we wouldn't go all out.  I mean after all, it's not even her prom and she doesn't have a real date.  We'll get a decent cheap dress and she can go have fun.  Yay.

Little did I know that PROM would morph into an "event".

The cheap decent dress that she was going to get, ended up being the same dress only a different color that her BFF (now Former BFF) had already bought.  Definitely couldn't get that- because I wouldn't do that to either of them, not because of the huge hissy fight former BFF threw over the pure idea.

Niece 1(formerly Smellsy), declared that we couldn't buy a dress at Debs because while cute, their stuff falls apart quickly and isn't worth the money.  In retrospect, she's most likely not wearing it again- so who cares..  Retrospect always bites you in the ass.

So we headed off to the mecca of dress stores. A bridal store..  Did you know they care PROM dresses too?  Daddy Chaos did.  It amazes me sometimes the random things he knows.  We decided to make it a girls day out by taking the lil girls.  Perhaps in preparation for their proms years and years from now.

After trying on several dresses, she finally tried on The.One.   The only one that I picked out, which once again proves that Momma always knows best.    When she walked out of the dressing room, the lil girls both whispered : Drama Queen, you look like a princess !!

PROM was a success.  Sure I spent way too much money, most likely trying to make up for my lost PROM nights..  Hair dos, corsages, fancy dresses.    Was it worth it?  Definitely.  A memory for her to treasure and pictures for me to keep. 

They grow up so fast. Hold your little ones close tonite before they vanish into teenagers.


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