Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reviewing Graco's new MyRide 65 with Safety Surround

One of the things I love most about being a part of the Graco Nation is learning about all the new technology they come up with for our babies & kids.    We are pretty much Graco all the way.. The girls ride in either the Graco TurboBooster or the Nautilus (depending on which vehicle we are in), Fishing Pole rides in either then Nautilus or the MyRide 65 (again depending on the vehicle-- and yes I have carseats for BOTH vehicles b/c I hate moving them once they are securely installed.. I'm a bit of a safety freak like that..)  and Dimples rides solely in MyRide 65's.

So, when I heard that Graco was planning on coming out with a new improved MyRide 65 I was excited to see what was different.   I was lucky enough to be allowed to do a review and BOY do I love the changes.

Introducing the MyRide 65 w/ Safety Surround :

•Safety Surround™ Side Impact Protection that truly grows with your child at each stage
•Headrest featuring Safety Surround™ Protection moves & removes to grow with child
I love how much more plush and filling the padding is.  Little Miss X is such an itty bitty (barely 12lbs at 5months ) but she actually fits really comfortably in this one.  Plus you can see the new head surround that moves up as your child grows.  LOVE IT! 

•Meets BOTH Graco's Side Impact Testing and Europe's Side Impact standard

- More rigorous testing?  Yes please!!

I'll be one of the first to admit, a MyRide65 (safety surround or not) is a big carseat.  It takes up some space in the vehicle.  That can be a downfall if you have a small car or multiple kids.  However, to me, it's worth the space for a more comfortable fit.  When I first received the new MyRide 65 w/ Safety Surround, I assumed it was just a regular MyRide w/ a little more added padding.  Ha.  Although it takes up basically the same car space as the original MyRide 65, the new version is deeper & taller and kids - little and big seem to fit in in even more comfortably.  Even Dimples (almost 4yrs) if given the choice would prefer to ride in the "new" seat vs his old one.  He just looks more relaxed and sits deeper in it.
Graco MyRide 65

Graco MyRide 65 w/ Safety Surround

**Please note that Dimples is not buckled in the regular MyRide, so that may make a tiny bit of difference but overall you get the point :)

   On top of getting to try out the new seat , I was also able to ask the Graco team a few questions..

   --  Is the only difference between the original MyRide65 and the new MyRide 65 w/ Safety Surround - the safety surround  feature?
This model has its own design to support the Safety Surround Technology and its ability to grow with child, and it also offers an extended weight range.  The My Ride 65 featuring Safety Surround weight range starts at 4lbs.   This seat truly offers best head protection starting at 4lbs.  

Now normally I could never imagine putting a newborn in a convertible seat, maybe that's just me.. But with this one and the way the padding & head support is designed, I actually would do it.  I just love how it really seems to cradle little ones yet still fits as they grow.

-     ---     What made Graco decide to come out with this new safety advancement? 
As reported by NHTSA, side impact collisions are one of the leading risks to infants/children today.  In response to these findings, Graco developed a technology that provides improved protection against these types of collisions.   To validate improved side impact protection, Graco tested its seats in Europe which has a draft side impact standard in place.    We launched Safety Surround Side Impact Technology on My Ride in 2011 and plan to expand the technology to more platforms in 2012.

That's right everyone, you heard it here.. Graco will be expanding the technology into some of their other car seats coming this year! :)

In conclusion, my *expert* Momma advice- if you have the room for a bigger seat, I would 100% go for the new MyRide 65 w/ Safety Surround.  It's only slightly more expensive than the previous MyRide 65 and still a decent price at $179 but the comfort and safety is well worth it! 

Happy Shopping !!


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