Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I may need hearing aides..

or I maybe I just need to not listen to things halfway.

I'm sitting across the room feeding Miss X (who is 5months old today!  Happy 5months sweetie!) some pears while Dimples is watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates..

Let me just say that I think it was wrong of Disney to name the chubby kid - Cubby. It's entirely their fault for making me miss hear it today.

Izzy (girl pirate) says :  "Come on Tubby, you can do it"

ha.. Sure she must have said Cubby but that is not what I heard.  Immediately I'm thinking, Really Disney?  Really? lol..


  1. in the 1953 film Peter Pan one of the lost boys (the bear) is named cubby.

  2. I hate tiny person (A.K.A. Cubby) come on disney why did u make that lunatic!?!


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