Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear Steak&Shake, Really??

How is it that you are open 24hrs/day yet when I show up at 5:51am and want breakfast for my kid who has just completed his second sleep study in 2weeks, you tell me that I have to wait 9mins because you don't serve breakfast until 6am??   REALLY?   There was NO ONE else even at the restaurant and you're telling me you can make breakfast a few minutes early... Grrrr..

Other than the irritation of the non-breakfast, the sleep study went well.  Fishing Pole slept pretty darn good and reportedly got better REM sleep which hopefully will show more this time.  We are STILL waiting on the results (sleep study was almost 2 wks ago) and I'm getting the slightest bit impatient but hopefully soon...


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