Thursday, March 22, 2012

I love him, but...

I'm fairly certain that I may just murder my husband tonite.

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that instead of turning me in  you will be happy to help me hide the body.

That man, bless his heart,  decided to download the newer Windows 7 instead of the XP that we had.  Something about it working better for his classes, ect..  I dunno, he was talking while I was busy and I may have tuned him out a bit like I do the kids when they all start jabbering at the same time in the car.  *ahem*

Anyway, he spent an entire evening sitting on the computer copying things onto a flash drive, putting it all on Drama Queen's laptop and moving on..  He saved all the pictures (good job!) and all the documents (yay!) but apparently my email stuff was not important.

I spent last nite at the hospital with Fishing Pole for his sleep study..  I came home this morning and had a few empty hours so I turned on the computer to check email.

Up pops this brand new look. 

This is NOT what my computer looks like.

Although immediately worried, I pushed it aside and decided that  "different is good!" and I'll figure it out.

I spent all morning trying to find my beloved Outlook..  No where to be seen.

Finally I gave up and went back to checking my mail on my phone (Thank God for smart phones, yes?!!).

Surely when the dead man gets home he can find it.  I mean he's the one that hid it , right?

Uhmm, apparently no.  He was quick to download a new Outlook "type" email program for me (Windows Mail) and while I was finally able to sync my old saved email addresses , I cannot find any record of all the emails from the Outlook time period.


I had sooo many emails saved regarding the kids. 

Emails from CWs discussing cases from when they were still foster.

Emails from teachers.

Not to mention emails that I had yet to answer and emails regarding reviews I was working on.

Yes maybe I should have printed them out.. Maybe I should have saved them to a CD.. But this isn't about me.. 



To say I'm mildly irritated would be.. well putting it mildly.

Who wants to dig the hole and who wants to help drag the body??


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