Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hiatus = Over !! :-)

I think I'm finally back from my little hiatus.  Life sometimes gets to be too boring and blah for even me to make into something you want to hear about.  So I took a month (or maybe more?) off.  But now I'm back with stories :)

Attitude King has been busy participating in Science Olypiad - in which they made it to state! Woot! Woot!  He gets to travel to the state finals this weekend and is crossing everything he has that they make it onto Nationals (just b/c it's in Florida.. lol).   I have mixed feelings.  I'm soo proud of our team for making it to state-  Yay team!  But on the other hand, I'm the super overprotective mom and my baby is going to be hours away OVERNIGHT.  sigh.   He's already been put on notice that he is not allowed to go to nationals (should they make it) w/o a parent coming along..  Yep, I'm mean like that.. lol.

Drama Queen has been beyond busy.  Baseball season has started up (please don't get me started on why I didn't sign AK up for it this year despite the various million other drains he has on my wallet right now) and DQ is yet again doing her favorite thing-  staring at hot high school boys with her BFFs while pretending to manage the team.  As soon as baseball practice is over, she hightails it to play practice.. Luckily for all of us, the play (Miss Saigon) is finally this weekend so I might actually get to see the oldest child again once in a while.

Lil Girls are happily doing okay.  No big dramas for them , which is a relief in this family !

Southern Darlin' was released from therapy with an open ticket to come back if/when she needs it.  YAY!  She is doing good!!

Dimples is in a good phase.. He is doing well medically right now *knock on wood*.  He's sleeping halfway decently.. aka he actually stays in his bed for most of the nite and falls asleep fairly quickly once he gets into my bed.  Neurology is happy with him and continues to follow- no more seizures! yay! He has moved up to 3days/week for Dev. Preschool and loves going!!  I'm so proud of him.  His teachers report that just this week he is finally starting to venture beyond his sacred basket & forks and playing with a few other toys.  Cognitively he's progressed quite a bit since he started (from 18mo to almost 3yr level!) while he's still lagging a bit in speech & social skills (from 12-18mo to 2yr old level).. Regardless- it's progress..   No one has mentioned the "A" word lately and so we continue on as we have been doing.   Right now he's majorly into repeating.   He watches movies in the car with headphones on & sits and repeats the entire movie .. lol.  It's cute and annoying all rolled into one . Ha!

Fishing Pole apparently realized that all was going well in the world and wanted to throw some new balls up for me to juggle.  First he started complaining of headaches & body aches when he woke up.. Headaches continuing throughout the day.  My first thought-- he sleeps like crap, Sleep Apnea.   So I hooked him up to our pulse ox one night.  HA, yeah right.. That lasted maybe an hour before I got sick and tired of hitting the alarm button and just decided to call the dr the next morning to get a real sleep study done.

The boy used to sleep wonderfully.. From birth -3 he was an over-sleeper.  Then sometime in year 3 a switch flipped and he started sleeping like crap.  Sleep study # 1 showed some apnea and a sleep efficiency of 61%.  Neuro (yes he got to add a new dr to his resume) was mostly concerned with the fact that he only had 3mins of REM sleep.  So we are now doubling his melatonin, going to a consult to get his tonsils out -- because yes ENT is apparently without brains when they took out his adenoids last summer and elected NOT to take the tonsils too, did a CT of his brain & have another sleep study (tomorrow) to see if we get get him to sleep better and hopefully get  a more accurate reading w/ better REM sleep.  :sigh:    Then we went to the asthma dr where apparently he failed his mini PFT that they do at every appt. I did mention some coughing during sleep (ugh).  So we left with an entire new procedure- new meds ect..
Bedtime meds.. Plus 2 of them in the morning. ugh
We are now waiting to get past this 2nd dose of antibiotics so that insurance will pay for a sinus scan (smells something nasty all the time & is constantly snorting)..  So we shall see what that shows..   I'm sitting here thinking- tonsils need to come out, maybe sinus surgery, and I know the pacemaker battery is getting pretty darn low.. I wonder if they can all collaborate and do all 3 surgeries at once?  Poor baby has been put to sleep enough :(     Oh and he got in trouble at school today for painting his nails in the classroom..  Only my boy.. lol

That's pretty much the catch up on everyone.  Stay tuned for an awesome new carseat review and my wild weekend out w/ Sasha !


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  1. Wow, sounds almost like what I have been going through with my youngest. We never went through getting the tonsils and adenoids out, though...not sure why, though. We got the call from school today that he couldn't breathe so off to the dr. we went for more meds. Spring pollen is doing a number on him!


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