Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stripper Names

In an effort to maybe one of these years finally lose all this extra weight that has found permanent residence on my body, I have begun working out.

For a while I was working out a few days a week with Sasha Song (who despite the apparently stripper sounding name is in no way a stripper, feel better Sasha?) and another friend.. And then Baby X came into my life and I spend my mornings while Dimples is in preschool cuddling her instead of sweating my butt off.  Good trade off in my eyes.

Our new pool/ gym opened up last month 3-4 blocks away from our house. Naturally I went and bought a year membership.  I mean come on, shelling out the money for a year means I HAVE to work out, right??  uhmm no.  I have not even stepped inside the gym portion yet.. Oops..   In my defense- Daddy Chaos has been having back issues and hasn't felt up to it and I ain't going alone.. lol! 

Still the other friend (who is currently nameless on this blog because apparently I suck at naming friends w/o giving them stripper sounding names) also joined the pool/gym and we decided to start taking Aqua Abs class together.  So for 2 nights a week I have been going to the pool with a freaking MALE college student for our instructor (really, God?  Really?) to do the best workout ever.  I Love it !

Tonite is Aqua Abs and I just realized that I did NOT shave my legs since last week when I started Aqua Abs.. Uhmm, I'm pretty sure some hair has grown back by now..  Being the hater of shaving that I am, I decided to just shave the bottom half of my legs and be happy with that..  I think that's okay, right?   Maybe I'm just lazy..


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